How to Help Children Deal with Separation of Parents?

Emotions run high during a divorce and this can inflict a lot of mental stress on young kids. Today we are going to take a look at the different ways in which you can offer assistance to your children during these troubled times.

  • If you are planning on telling your child about the impending divorce, then try breaking the news with your partner. Both parents need to be present during the ordeal so that they can help their child prepare mentally for the upcoming transition. Parents should also try and communicate as soon as possible rather than waiting for the very last to inform their children about the divorce.
  • Divorce is mentally strenuous for both partners. However, elders should not rely emotionally on their children. Their love can be your strength during troubled times but the main support needs to come from family, friends, and professionals like a Divorce lawyer in Houston. Often parents complain about the flaws of their partners in front of their kids. This is completely prohibited as it will further traumatize their young minds. Parents should also refrain from using their children as a go-between to relay messages.
  • It might be tempting to paint the entire divorce picture as a better situation for everyone or a happy event. This is good in the long run but it is also important for your child to acknowledge that a divorce is a sad, frustrating, and confusing situation. Being truthful about your feeling today is extremely important to shape your child’s perception of the entire drill.
  • A divorce can bring along a variety of concerns ranging from financial to mental health. While you acknowledge the sheer sadness of the entire event, you can’t let your children overhear the complaints. Otherwise, they will absorb the fear and anxiety and will feel responsible for the entire situation.
  • Every house has a separate set of rules and it can be stressful for a child to toggle between two separate households of their parents. Thus, it becomes the duty of the guardians to ensure similarity in bedtime routines, meal plans, and home chores as much as possible to help their children feel at ease.
  • It can be very painful for a child to choose between either of their parents. You should try and encourage your child to have a loving and positive relationship with the other parents so that they don’t feel torn between both of you.


Divorce inflicts a negative impact on the mind of young children. They might regress behavior that they had outgrown previously like wanting a pacifier, wetting the bed, or throwing tantrums. Your young ones might also seem more upset or anxious about being separated from you. Older children experience a variety of emotions ranging from anger to guilt which causes them to become more aggressive and anxious. If the separation of you and your partner is affecting your child adversely, then don’t be afraid to seek the assistance of school counselors, family counselors, and peer support groups. At the end of the day, parents should take responsibility for navigating through troubled waters properly and focusing more energy on their kids.

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