Top Trendy Birthday Cakes That Look Amazing

When it comes to birthday parties, there is hardly one without a birthday cake. In fact, the cake is the center of attraction at a party nowadays. A beautiful birthday cake with some amazing candles can entirely change the feel of the space. The best part is that choosing a birthday cake that looks amazing is so simple and easy nowadays. Thanks to the technology, you get access to the latest updates and designs in a jiffy. If you are on a hunt for a birthday cake, read on to know about the trendiest birthday cakes.


  • Ruffle Tower Cakes:


These cakes look amazing and taste delicious. The ruffle piping is available in various color combinations. The ruffle tower cake looks startling on a party deck. If you are somebody who loves the buttercream icing, then surely you will enjoy this cake. Ruffle cakes are one of the most trending cakes which are most preferred for special occasions. You can choose the flavors according to your preference.


  • Red Velvet Birthday Cake:


Wow! That name itself tells it all. Lately, red velvet cakes have been in high demand among cake lovers. If you love the mixed flavors of chocolate and vanilla, then you will surely love this cake. Another attraction of this cake is the yummy cream cheese frosting. A perfect red velvet cake just melts away when you take a bite of it. The striking burgundy color of the cake makes it loved by kids a lot.


  • Chocolate Cake:


When you consider chocolate birthday cakes, there are numerous options to choose from. , you get to customize each according to your taste and interest, from the flavor and texture to the outer frosting. Sponge chocolate cake, moist chocolate cakes, wet cakes and the list goes on. Again when it comes to frosting, fudge icing, dark chocolates, chocolate curls, toppings are on the trending list. If you prefer white chocolate cake, you may give it a try to white chocolate fudge cake.


  • Cheese Cakes:


Lately, cheesecakes have been the first choice for many, especially for the kids. The soft and smooth cheese flavor, along with the taste of your favorite berries or even chocolate, is definitely a perfect choice for a birthday cake. Some of the most loved cheesecakes are Mars bar cheesecakes, White chocolate Malteser, blueberry, etc. Cheesecakes topped with sprinkles and cookies makes it looks even more stunning.


  • Malteser Birthday Cakes:


It looks so good, and it is lip-smacking. The chiffon cake is covered by a rich chocolate icing on which the Maltesers are layered exotically. This delicious cake is loved by kids and adults equally. It’s a perfect party cake for all occasions that looks and tastes the best. This cake can be one of best birthday cake design for girls.


  • Pinata Cakes:


Wanna try something new for this birthday? Then you can give a try to piñata cake which is the most trending cake on social media. The attraction of this cake is that you are not cutting the cake for the birthday; instead, you are gonna smash it with a cute little hammer that comes with the cake. The cake is filled with surprises that can be customized according to your choice. It is usually filled with different types of chocolates.


The 2021 birthday cakes give much detailing on the frosting and icing. Nowadays, people want the cake to look absolutely stunning. Apart from the varieties mentioned above, there are many other cakes like isomalt cakes, art cakes, dried flower cakes which looks stunning at a birthday party.