What benefits does Child Care have for working parents?

Doesn’t it sound great to be able to advance your career and at the same time properly care for your child? Stay at home mums are quickly becoming a thing of the past as the cost of living rises, as well as the expectations from families who dare to dream, increases too. As parents, we all want what is best for our children. From the best foods to the most appropriate schooling and friends, to having numerous experiences and adventures. Putting together a child’s life (and caring for them!) does not come with a manual, but we do the best we can!

Ensuring your child is in a safe environment with proper care will mean you won’t miss out on great opportunities at your workplace. Considering child care to become part of your family’s routine could benefit your life as a working parent, as well as your child’s life too.

How child care can keep you updated on your child’s growth:

Not only is raising a child and working a hard juggle in itself, but it also leaves you with no time to be able to monitor the growth and advancement of your little one. The team at Little Saints will monitor your child, and keep you updated with their ongoing advancements as well as if there are any challenges your child may face. We offer age-appropriate activities that both boost your child’s growth and maximise your child’s potential.

How child care can impact your time management:

Child Care operating schedules tend to be flexible. They will be able to accommodate your work schedule, which will leave you with enough time to keep up with deadlines and other equally important matters. As a working mum or dad, being able to pop into the supermarket on the way home and prepare dinner without little busy hands interrupting you, is a major life-changer. Or dropping the kids to Child Care a bit earlier before work to get the endorphins pumping after a quick gym session will keep your mental health in check as well as your physical health. Time management is always going to be an area we can all get better at. We all have the same amount of hours in a day- it just depends on how we choose to spend them. That’s why many parents use Reedy Creek, Burleigh, Elanora, Palm Beach and Tallebudgeera Child Care Centres as it brings many benefits for the parents with time management.

How child care can help you access parenting tips:

Parenting is not an easy task, no matter how prepared you feel you are. Once in a while, you will need expert advice on how to handle something new or foreign. This could be about your child’s milestones like potty training, or sometimes you just want assurance that your child is

growing up ‘on the right track. Whilst friends and family members with older kids might be able to help you, advice from professional caregivers is always worth considering and trying. Child care educators are experienced and are willing to give advice and share tips around specific

topics if you require assistance as a parent. Plus there is the help from the child care community you will grow in.

How a child care community can benefit working parents:

I’m sure you would have heard the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. The social benefits for your child at a child care centre not only means you don’t have to find the additional time outside of your work schedule to factor in play dates, and other socialising appointments. It means you have a community of potential lifelong friends to journey the road of parenthood together. The mums and dads are in the same position as you sharing advice on what works for them, what growth they have seen or the worries they have playing on their minds. Having a community outside of your work and family can be a helpful addition to your family’s growth.

How child care will help you retain your job:

It’s a fast-paced world, and there are so many changes. Something could happen in your field of work within a short time. Obviously, you will have to take time off work to take care of your children after birth. But here’s the worrying part: many workplaces nowadays focus on the bottom line. They can’t financially afford to hold your position vacant for long and this can dreadfully force you to quit the job. Don’t worry though, childcare centres have qualified caregivers who can care for your child from 6 weeks old. They have programs, facilities and every other resource needed to ensure your child, no matter their age, is taken good care of.

Weighing it all up:

Many questions and conflicting statements will float around your head whilst trying to come to terms with going to work and parenting.

Do I sacrifice the much-needed income to stay at home to care for my child? Do I deal with the guilt of putting my child in care, whilst I go to work to earn an income?

Sometimes we don’t have the privilege of a decision to stay at home. We have no choice, but to go back to work to finance our family. It is important to make a decision with peace in your heart that you are doing the best thing for your family. Trusting that you have chosen a great child care centre with an amazing team of educators you can team up within your child’s journey and growth will make this transition easier for your family and for your work too.