Here’s Why So Many School Districts Are Using K12 web filters

The remote education experts at Blocksi cover the benefits of K12 web filters for students and teachers.

Many school districts had to shift to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. While in-person learning is returning, many students and teachers have found remote learning to be a boon. Yet to maximize remote learning, the right tools, such as a K12 web filter, must be used.

With the right education web filters, you can block out specific websites, such as social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This way, it’s easier to keep students focused and on track. Ultimately, this could improve student outcomes, helping them not only get good grades but also to master a given subject.

“Remote education solutions, such as K12 web filters and classroom monitoring software should be designed with not just the teachers in mind, but also students,” a spokesperson for Blocksi notes. “A good education can help students throughout the course of their life.”

Traditionally, remote learning was heavily reliant on a student’s self-drive. In the early days, teachers often had to rely on tests and assignments but couldn’t proactively manage students day-to-day.

Now, teachers can be more proactive while managing remote learning courses and classrooms. With K12 web filters, you can help ensure that students aren’t getting diverted from the subject at hand. While the Internet is a powerful resource, it can also be distracting.

For many years now, schools have been able to filter computers at the school themselves. Now, with K12 web filters, schools can also monitor computers at home. Filters are not intrusive but do help to set boundaries.

“In some ways, web filters are among the simplest and oldest online learning management tools,” a spokesperson for Blocksi notes. “They’re also among the most popular because they’re among the most effective online learning tools.”

K12 Web filters Increase Online Security Too

Web filters can also increase security. If students visit shady websites or download unapproved software, viruses could infect the hardware that many schools now provide to their students. Not only could this disrupt the student’s learning, but it could also waste money and resources.

“Security is a major risk with any online platform,” a spokesperson for Blocksi says. “Fortunately, web filters can help schools greatly increase security by keeping students away from dangerous sites.”

Ultimately, secure platforms protect school districts and students. This helps explain why K12 web filters and other tools are so popular.

Many online learning solutions also offer real-time analytics. If you don’t want to block students from all social media networks or whatever else, you can still monitor their usage.

A few minutes of watching videos on Youtube may help a student recharge. Too much time spent, however, is time wasted. With the right online classroom solutions, you can monitor how students use the web in real-time. This makes interventions easier, which could lead to improved student outcomes.